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Become an AI & data enabled Investor🤝

Meet Humble, your AI assistant for Venture Capital.

Humble empowers established Venture Capital firms to modern VC workflows for Smarter Investments and to ditch legacy limitations.

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Replace cumbersome CRMs with a modern, mobile-friendly solution. Humble integrates seamlessly with Airtable or Notion, creating a powerful research and collaboration platform for smarter investment decisions.

Make Smarter Decisions Faster with a single view of your target investments.
  • Effortless Research & Insights: Gain a comprehensive view of the investment target without the need for separate public research tools and company databases. Humble integrates with external data sources like Crunchbase, providing access to real-time market data, competitor activity, and decision-maker information.

  • Streamline investor workflows: Humble seamlessly integrates with Deal CRMs and modern platforms like Airtable or Notion. This allows you to leverage your existing internal data on portfolio companies, competitors within your familiar workflow, eliminating the need for complex data exports, no-code automations or syncing tools.

  • Streamlined Workflow on the Go: Make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. Humble's mobile-friendly design allows you to conduct research, capture insights, and collaborate with your team from any device.

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Leverage your team & networks insights 
  • Break Free from Legacy Systems: Ditch clunky CRMs and their limitations. Humble integrates seamlessly with Airtable, Notion and modern communication tools like Slack, creating a centralized platform for research, analysis, and collaboration. This eliminates data silos and streamlines workflows for your entire team.

  • Boost Collaboration, Visibility & Knowledge Sharing: Foster seamless collaboration between team members. Share research findings, market data, and insights effortlessly within Humble, promoting a data-driven investment culture.

  • Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency: Humble offers a modern, cost-effective solution compared to traditional CRMs. Eliminate the need for expensive software licenses and simplify your technology stack.

Collaboration Improvement Proposition: Enhance Portfolio Management & Communication
  • Investor-Ready Reporting Made Easy: Generate comprehensive and insightful reports for your Limited Partners (LPs) directly from a spreadsheet. Utilize data visualizations and real-time market trends generated from Humble to demonstrate the strength of your investment decisions within familiar reporting formats.

  • Next-Level Portfolio Management: Monitor portfolio company performance and market shifts with a holistic view. Humble provides insights from your team and shared alerts, allowing you to proactively manage your portfolio and identify potential risks or opportunities.

  • Enhanced Communication with Founders: Gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio companies by capturing valuable company insight from your different team to inform improved communication and build strategic partnerships with founders.

Our CRM was overflowing with data, but keeping it organized and usable was a constant battle. Humble helped us unlock a goldmine of customer feedback. Seeing those trends, I realized our marketing struggled with copy and was dependent on sales feedback to explore other pain points. Humble allows us to dive deeper and understand the specific pain points of clients in different industries, and create targeted messages that resonate. It's a whole new level of we weren't able to achieve before.

Amanda – Sheetgo, Head of Sales & Account Management 

Become an AI & data-enabled investor.

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