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How to Install Humble Assistant in Slack

Your Humble Assistant now integrates seamlessly with Slack, allowing you to ask Humble to enrich information and qualify leads, from both desktop and mobile. 

Simple Steps to Get Started
Step 1 (Optional): Create a dedicated channel for Humble Assistant (such as #humble-assistant). You can use an existing channel if preferred.
Step 2. Click here to install, and grant Humble access to your workspace.

Channel Selection: If you created a new channel (#humble-assistant), select it for Humble to post to. Otherwise, choose your preferred channel.


Admin Approval: If needed, add a message requesting admin approval.


Here's suggested wording:"Please approve the Humble app to capture and enrich lead data on-the-go and at events, improving lead qualification for prompt follow ups and sales activities."

Add Humble to Slack_edited_edited.png
Step 3. You'll see Humble Assistant in your chosen channel.
Added to Slack_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Step 4. To allow Humble to interact within the channel, type @humble and press "Send".
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at
Step 5. You're ready to use Humble!

Try a command like /humble-enrich [Type Company Name or website] to enrich lead data.
Slack enrich.png
Slack enrich 2.png
Slack enrich 3.png

Take advantage of Humble Assistant in Slack.

Want to learn more?

Have a chat with us to improve your efficiency and get work done quicker.

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