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Get up and running with Humble Assistant in Slack
Humble will need a Slack channel to be invited to. You can either:
  • Create a new channel #humbleassistant

  • Invite Humble to an existing channel in your Slack workspace.

Install Humble and give it permission to access your Slack workspace
Select the Slack channel for Humble  

If you created a new channel #humble-assistant, select it for Humble to post to. Otherwise, choose any existing channel you prefer.

This could be because you are not a Slack workspace admin. Bringing Humble into Slack requires an admin to give us the green light. Here's a message to get an admin 👍 thumbs up:

I'm exploring ways to improve our lead capture process, especially at events and on the go. The Humble app seems promising - it captures and enriches lead data, for better qualification in sales. Can you please approve the install of the app?

You will see Humble Assistant in the Slack channel you selected.
To allow Humble to interact within the Slack  channel, type @humble and press Send.
You are ready to use Humble!

Try a command like /humble-enrich [Type Company Name or website] to enrich lead data.


🙌 We're always here to help!

Take full advantage of Humble Assistant in Slack. Let's have a chat to improve your efficiency and get work done quicker.

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