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Welcome to Humble 🎉

Browsing the web with you to help capture and keep information in sync.
Update and collect data ✍️ in-the-flow when browsing

Our tools offer the flexibility to adjust and refine your data collection methods in real-time. Your workflows remain uninterrupted.

Access and update various data sources through a single intuitive interface. Declutter your workstation, improve your focus and achieve more.

Using Humble was a huge time-saver for me as a founder. I don't want to deal with a monstrous CRM setup at this stage, so I manage most of the startup data in Notion. Previously, I had a tedious process of copying info to Notion and keeping multiple browser tabs open. Every switch cost me precious seconds and was able to distract me from the task I was doing. Humble streamlined the process of working with Notion tables. After connecting main tables as mini-apps, I can add or edit my data in one click directly from a prospect website. The team is super responsive and prioritized multiple features I requested early on. Would love to feature them in my "1% Better" blog where I share tools and hacks for incremental gains in founders productivity!

Dima – Founder of Staxel

Keep your CRM updated with little effort 😊

Increase the volume, quality and completeness of CRM data by reducing the burden and time taken to add, edit and maintain CRM data.


Drive better data integrity, analytics and performance in your sales team. Be more productive with your CRM in context - access and manage deals, add contacts in a click.

Humble has been a game-changer for our B2B marketing efforts, eliminating overlap with other sellers on my team and instantly qualifying new leads, all within a single view. Its seamless integration with HubSpot allows for personalized outreach by displaying custom fields directly on my dashboard, transforming every prospect interaction. No more navigating through countless pages and tabs—Humble provides a warm lead cheat sheet for every account, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our ABM strategies.

Dave – DoStuff, National Business Development

Streamline workflows.png
Streamline research🕵️ , preparation 📝 and due diligence 🧐

Having insights at your fingertips enables data-driven prospecting, meeting preparation and due dilligence.

Make informed decisions quicker by always having a snapshot of your data in context when browsing.

To top it all up – you have out of the box access to Crunchbase funding data.

Gather data from websites with ease 📥

Effortlessly extract valuable data and insights from any website you visit. Bridge the gap between information gathering and data utility.

Build targeted lead lists such as event speakers or attendees, company competitors or partners, with an easy web scraper that doesn't require any coding.

A new browsing experience awaits!

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