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Lead Enrichment Automation

Improve your level of inbound lead qualification information with the Humble Lead Enrichment Automation. By integrating Crunchbase funding data based on lead emails, you'll gain deeper insights into their affiliations, funding stages, and key founders.

Setting Up the Automation is Simple:

  1. Launch the Humble Sheets extension:

    • Go to: Extensions > The Humble AI > Launch Now

  2. With the extension open:

    • Click on "Automate actions & tasks"

    • Select "Enrich Lead Information"

  3. Add the Lead Template:

    • Click "Insert Lead Template"

    • A new tab with the Crunchbase-filled data structure will appear

  4. Highlight the Email column heading

  5. ​Optionally, enable Slack notifications by inserting the Inbount Webhook URL from Slack
    • You can generate the Webhook URL following the instructions below​
  6. Finally, click on "Create Automation"

  7. Test the enrichment by pasting emails into the column

Note: To delete the automation simply click on "Delete All Automations"

Enable Team Collaboration with Slack Notifications:

Optionally, enable Slack notifications for enriched leads. Here's how:

  1. Visit Slack here

  2. Create a new app from scratch, give it a name and select your workspace

  3. Choose "Incoming Webhooks" and activate it

  4. Add a new webhook to your workspace, selecting the channel to send notifications to

  5. Complete the process and allow access

  6. Copy the generated Webhook URL

  7. Paste the URL in the automation setup in the sheets extension


Experience the power of enriched lead insights and seamless collaboration with Humble's Lead Enrichment Automation.

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