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Amplify your sales & marketing processes with automated data enrichment.

Enrich, qualify and prioritise incoming leads using AI, and automate your sales & marketing processes.

1. Streamline data gathering

2. Enhance the quality of your leads

3. Respond to incoming leads efficiently

How is lead enrichment different from traditional lead generation?

Lead enrichment is fundamentally different from traditional lead generation in that it enhances the quality of existing leads rather than focusing solely on finding new ones.


Traditional lead generation aims to identify potential customers through methods like cold calling, email campaigns, and advertising. In contrast, lead enrichment takes already identified leads and improves their quality by gathering more comprehensive information, such as company size, industry, job titles, and social media profiles.


This additional data enables more personalised and effective marketing and sales strategies. By enriching leads, companies can better understand customer needs, tailor their messaging, and prioritise high-value prospects.

How does lead enrichment directly impact sales efficiency?

Lead enrichment directly impacts sales efficiency by providing sales teams with accurate, comprehensive, and relevant data that can streamline their efforts.


By prioritising high-quality leads with enriched information, sales teams can focus on prospects who are more likely to convert, reducing wasted time and effort on unqualified leads. The enriched data also enables personalised outreach, improving response rates and engagement.


Additionally, sales representatives can identify the right decision-makers within a target company more quickly, reducing the sales cycle duration.


The improved understanding of each lead's needs and pain points helps sales teams address objections proactively and provide tailored solutions, ultimately boosting conversion rates and closing more deals faster.

Our platform also boasts prebuilt integrations with leading CRMs, such as HubSpot.

Ready to revolutionise your sales processes?

Don't let generic data slow you down.  Save time and drive higher conversion rates with automatic data enrichment.

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