Bitly Link Generator Tool

We’re excited to share our new Bitly Link Generator Tool!!

For those who are new to Bitly, Bitly is a link management service. One of the free features for users on the developer setting, for example, allows the developer (the owner of some website) to shorten a long url that you may have to down to 14 characters. Also allowing you to track the number of clicks on your website.


Now let’s get going with the set up.

📒 Step 1: Create a Bitly Access Token here

😜 Step 2: Copy the token onto your dashboard (Don't lose this token!!)

🤗 Step 3: Enter the link(s) of the websites that you are creating a Bitly link for in the “Link” Column

👏 Step 4: While in a particular cell with the original link, insert the access token into the Humble AI side bar tool under “Sheet Utilities” -> “Bitly Link Generator”

😝 Step 5: That’s it!! This sheet now holds the new Bitly links and the Total Clicks on the Bitly link will be updated in the “Total Clicks” Column!!!


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