Google Sheets to Google Slides Automation Tutorial

Do you ever need to create several presentations from a myriad of data on google sheets? We’re here to save your life with HumbleAI’s new Google sheets to Google Slides automation tool 🤩😝.

Let’s walk through this and you will be an expert in no time. Make a copy of this slide and this sheet to practice as we walk through an example together.


Let's get to it!

👆 Step 1: Choose the format(s) of the Google slide and place the header names that you are replacing with data from the google sheets in the curly brackets {{EXAMPLE}}

e.g. Format 1
e.g. Format 2

✍️ Step 2: Make sure that column names match the names in the curly brackets in the Google Slides

💯 Step 3: Highlight the entire portion of the table (as shown below), then in the HumbleAI tool kit bar, insert the link of the google slides!!

🙂 Step 4: Double check that the Info was copied in the correct format


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