Master HumbleAI: Set Up Connection Between Linkedin and HumbleAI To Enable Scraping

Updated: Jul 1

Why is this useful?

HumbleAI's Linkedin scraping features will allow you to...

  • Automate the process of searching and scraping user profiles and key information of your people and organization of interest

  • Automate the process of finding key details like past jobs, universities, key skills, mutual connections, and other information given a list of Linkedin profile links

  • Find the Linkedin URLs of your people of interest even if you don't have perfect information on their background

  • Find a list of companies from the list of Linkedin profile URLs you provide us

All of these amazing features can be unlocked once you install HumbleAI and follow our instructions below to set up the connection between Linkedin and the HumbleAI tools.

How do you set it up?

Step 1: Open up your HumbleAI extensions in Google Sheets

Step 2: Open the “Set Up Linkedin Connection” tab under the Linkedin Automation Button

Step 3: Make sure you have a Linkedin account and follow the steps of the side bar, which is listed below

Navigate to and log in

  • Open up the browser developer tools (Ctrl-Shift-I or right click -> inspect element)

  • In the navigation bar, click the >> button and choose the Application button in the drop down menu

  • Under the Storage header on the left-hand menu, click the Cookies dropdown and select

  • Find the li_at cookie, and double click the value to select it before copying

Step 4: Copy your Linkedin Cookie Token and paste it into text box under the name “Linkedin Token”

Voila!! That’s it folks! Now you’re ready to go utilise all the Linkedin search automation tools!!


Now that you've set it up, here are three specific examp

les of where the Linkedin tools would be useful for tasks that would be tedious if done manually without HumbleAI

  1. A VC firm looking to conduct due diligence or invest by first finding the Linkedin URLs of 2000 companies based on a list of Company names

  2. A tech recruiter who is tasked to scrape 50,000 Linkedin profiles to find people who have matching skills and experiences of need

  3. A university student who is recruiting for jobs and wants to find 100 shared connections for target firms.


Want to get the most out of the tools or need more support?

Ask us any questions by joining our Slack community where you will get the live updates on the most recent features and free support with your automation journey.

Finally, please let us know in the comments below what you think of our different features, as we love to listen to your ideas and we strive to tailor our product better to your needs.

Love from,

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