Master HumbleAI: Export Linkedin Search Results

Why is this useful?

  • It allows you to scrape information on a list of Linkedin profiles and provides you with key information on the people you find

  • Saves a lot of time as copying and pasting several pieces of information (name, occupation, past jobs etc) for thousands of people can take hours of tedious work if not for this tool by HumbleAI

We will walk through how this works in ONLY three steps. Let’s start by opening up HumbleAI’s extension in Google Sheets.

How do you use this tool?

Step 1: Make sure that you've set up your HumbleAI connection with Linkedin. If not check out this tutorial first

Step 2: Get Any Linkedin link (e.g. the link for the list of posts by The HumbleAi:

Step 3: Pop this link into the textbox that says “Enter Google Sheet Link” and hit “Run Linkedin Search”

Step 4: Copy the generated ID and after two minutes, hit “Scrape Linkedin Search results” while in a cell

Now this can be your go-to tool to automate your linkedin scraping process with this tool.


Wanna see live examples of this tool?

Here are two useful cases to see a glimpse of how your organization can utilise this tool.

  1. NGO Fundraiser Case

  2. VC Startup Info Gathering on Target Startups


Want to get the most out of the tools or need more support?

Ask us any questions by joining our Slack community where you will get the live updates on the most recent features and free support with your automation journey.

Finally, please let us know in the comments below what you think of our different features, as we love to listen to your ideas and we strive to tailor our product better to your needs.

Love from,

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