Master HumbleAI: Google Maps Search Results

Why use this tool?

This Google Maps Search tool will allow a user to scrape a list of Google Maps locations (e.g. List of cafés in London) based on a Google Maps search (e.g. "cafés in London")

Let’s get going!!

How does the tool work?

Step 1: Go to Google Maps and Enter a Search (e.g. Best Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo, cafés in London). Copy the URL once you make the search.

Step 2: Paste the URL (e.g. highlighted in blue in the picture above) into the textbox that says “Enter Google Maps search result URL"

Step 3: Select the number of search results you want.

Step 4: Hit "Run" and copy and paste the generated ID into the "Enter generated ID" textbox

Step 5: After two minutes, click "Export Results"!!

The list should pop up like this.


Wanna see live examples of this tool?

Here are two useful cases to see a glimpse of how your organization can utilise this tool.

  1. Find VCs to reach out to in a given city for fundraising purposes

  2. Extract information about number of competitors exist in a certain geographic area


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