Master HumbleAI: Linkedin Company Scraper

Why use this tool?

If you have a list(s) of linkedin links and want to find the companies at which these people work, this is the perfect tool.

How does it work?

Step 1: Make sure you’ve established a connection with Linkedin in your HumbleAI Navigation bar. If not, read this article.

Step 2: Create a column in Google sheets that contains the Linkedin links.

Tips: Make sure that you name the column and place the column name in the first row of the Google Sheets. (e.g. “Links”)

Correct Setup:

Incorrect Setup:

Step 3: Enter the Google sheet link into the textbox “Enter the Google Sheet Link”

Step 4: Enter the name of the column containing the links in the “Column Name” textbox



Step 5: Insert the number of Linkedin Profiles you are scraping (capped at 10 profiles)

Step 6: Run the Linkedin Search, copy the generated ID, and paste the generated ID into the textbox that says "Enter Generated ID"

Step 7: After waiting two minutes after pressing "Run Linkedin Search," then click "Export Results"

The result looks like this!!!


Wanna see live examples of this tool?

Here are two useful cases to see a glimpse of how your organization can utilise this tool.


Want to get the most out of the tools or need more support?

Ask us any questions by joining our Slack community where you will get the live updates on the most recent features and free support with your automation journey.

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