Master HumbleAI: Named Ranges Tool

Why use this tool?

Here we will walk you through HumbleAI’s Automation for the creation of Named Ranges.

As the name suggests, Named Ranges allows ranges of data (both categorical and quantitative) to be named and be used as named variables in other parts of the sheets, allowing for more readable and organized data.

There are three challenges/inconveniences that arise when using Named Ranges, and the tutorials linked below will help you walk through solutions to three problems.

  1. Setting up Named Ranges (this article)

  2. Fixing broken Named Ranges

  3. Getting a list of all the Named Ranges (variables)

How does it work?

So now that we know what Named Ranges are, let’s walk through the set up.

Step 1: Make sure to have some kind of table created to walk through an example. If you don’t have one at hand, please use this one.

Step 2: Open HumbleAI by going to Extensions >> The Humble AI >> Launch Now

Step 3: Enter the name of the table in the textbox that says “Enter Table Name”

Step 4: Click “Create Named Ranges”

Step 5: To check which Named Ranges have been created, go to the “Data” tab then -> “Named Ranges”


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