Master HumbleAI: Sheet Library Tool

Why use this tool?

It will allow you to save a range of Google Sheet values to save for later. You may often have to save multiple ranges of values to use later and conduct calculations but you may be hindered because you can only copy and paste one at a time.

Let’s take a look at an example!!!

How does this tool work?

Step 1) Open HumbleAI in Google Sheets. Extensions >> The HumbleAI >> Launch Now

Step 2) Go to Sheet Utilities >> Sheet Library

Step 3 ) Go to Google sheets and highlight the range of values that you want to save for later

Step 4) While the values are still highlighted, hit “Save to Library”

Now the values are saved!!!

To import the saved data later in a different tab or sheet, follow the step below.

Step 5) Go to a cell where you want the data to start

  • In this case the cursor is at A1, so the data will be loaded in starting at cell A1

Step 6) Select the name of the sheet that you just saved under the "Select Sheet Library" drop down menu.

  • In this case we are downloading the data under the name "Demo of Tools - Sheet LIbrary - B4:H63

Step 7) Click “Import” while on an empty cell

  • Since my cursor was on A1, my values are loaded in from cell A1.

That should have done it!! It should look like this


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