The Humble AI Installation Tutorial (2 mins)

Do you wanna stop wasting time doing repetitive Google Sheet tasks? Then you've come to the right place!!

Here we will walk you through in setting up The HumbleAI software on your computer. The beauty of HumbleAI is that we provide powerful tools with a tool that most of you have already used, Google Sheets.

Let’s get going!

💻 Step1: Open up Google sheets on your desktop web browser (not mobile)

Step 2: Install HumbleAI with the early access link provided

😎 Step 3: Open a new tab and launch The Humble AI from the extensions bar - Voila!

Step 4: Launch The Humble Ai extension, which should appear under the "Extensions" tab once you've downloaded it.


Want to get most out of the tools or need more support?

Ask us any questions by joining our Slack community where you will get the live updates on the most recent features and free support with your automation journey.

Love from,

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