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What can AI actually do?

Some people think AI is capable of doing everything better than humans, while others believe that “anything AI can do, we can do better”.

From self-checkouts at supermarkets to visual inspections on manufacturing lines, AI is beginning to have a real impact on every industry and job role in some way or another.

Knowing that these AI systems exist is one thing, but knowing what it can actually do is something that might change the way you work forever! Let’s find out the limitations of AI and how you might be able to use it to streamline your to-do list…


What is AI?

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence we are talking about using technology to copy some of the qualities of the human mind.

Some AI has the ability to learn languages, mimic speech, recognise pictures, and even solve problems.


Things AI can do


AI can learn how to do a wide range of different things. From soft skills such as problem-solving, error correcting, and visual recognition, to hard skills like language translation and game play.

Often known as “machine learning”, AI can be programmed to learn in the same way that humans do. They do this by absorbing data and recognising patterns of behaviour within it.

For example, if you show an AI system photographs of cats, and repeatedly tell the machine “this is a cat”, eventually the machine will learn to recognise a cat when it sees one!


AI can also recognise, identify and sort your text and images.

So, once your AI has been taught what a cat looks like, it can label any images you input, and sort them into “cat” and “not cat” sections.

This is a particularly helpful skill for those of you needing spam filters, visual inspections, or data processing help.

Our AI tools can even recognise your common errors and typos, helping you to spruce up your data and get the best possible results!


Once an AI system has enough data, it can make accurate predictions. This ability has been used to predict stock prices, the success of new movies, and even heart attacks!

We have an AI that can help you to predict gender. With this information, you can produce more accurate market reports, guide your HR department toward more diverse hiring, or reduce the gender pay gap!


Things AI cannot do


Though there have been a few attempts at creating AI that can paint, write or create, they often need human assistance to work properly.

AI-Da, the world’s first robotic artist, is able to draw and perform as an artist. But her work is acknowledged as a collaboration between human and machine.

So, if you’re a designer hoping to outsource your work to a robot, you might have to wait a few years yet!


AI can only do as it is told. You can feed it data, and have it learn how to recognise and identify a large range of things.

However, the AI cannot exercise free will. Your AI will not be able to make decisions for you, or even explain why that cat photograph is a cat. They can’t emote, or recognise emotion either.

AI is learning how to be more independent, with the rise of machine learning, but true emotional intelligence and free will is not yet possible.

Solve everything

A general rule of thumb is that AI can be programmed to do anything that would take a human just one second of thought.

That might be recognising a scratch on a newly manufactured car, or spotting a duplicate in a spreadsheet. It won’t be writing an in-depth marketing report or sending emails on your behalf just yet!


While the future of AI might look very different from today’s capabilities, AI as we know it can do some amazing things. Though it can’t do everything for you, it’s sure to help you make the most of your data!

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