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What can AI do for your spreadsheets?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

In this blog, we cover what AI can do for your spreadsheets and a helpful step-by-step guide to using The Humble AI.


Ever wondered what was messing up your analyses for your data? Would you want to spend time and money looking through all that information for tiny errors?

No, we wouldn't want to either. That's why we made tools that can do it for you. Find out how you can use AI for your spreadsheets in 30 seconds:


Step-by-step guide for users

Step 1 - Put headings in the right place

Before uploading your files to get the incredible insights AI can offer, make sure your headings for your data is in the first column. This helps us read the data and give accurate analyses.

Step 2 - Use CSV files

Now your data has headings in the right place, simply upload your spreadsheet to a tool of your choice in CSV-UTF8 format and we will do the rest. Don't know what a CSV file is? Don't worry, just head on over to our step-by-step guide and you'll be able to start gaining insights in no time!

Step 3 - Recommended tool

So you have your CSV file ready for our powerful AI tools? Try our all-in-one 'Data Cleanup + Preparation + Analyse' Tool! Catchy, right? We will firstly help polish up your data in the 'Data Cleanup + Preparation' section. This removes errors such as extra spaces, spelling mistakes and duplicate data. Since computers are negatively affected by these tiny mistakes, your clean data will now give you more accurate analyses. In the 'Analyse' section of the tool, we can find insights in your data. So now you can use the power of data easily and without coding skills!

Step 4 - Try a specific tool

Perhaps you'd just like to cleanup your data? Try our 'Data Cleanup' Tool. There are many other specific tools to choose from to take your data to the next level. Try them out to get your data the way you want it in just seconds!

Ready to start gaining the power of AI for your spreadsheets?

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