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Garbage in, garbage out: Cleaning your data

Cleaning up your data is always a good idea. That’s why it’s something we actively encourage all of our users to do. But you may be wondering why you should even bother - clean or messy, it’s all the same data, right?

Well, actually no… If you have bad data, you will always get bad results. The state of your data at the start of your data processing journey will have a huge impact on the accuracy of your insights and strategy.


What are the benefits of sprucing up your spreadsheets?

1. The data will be much more accurate and reliable

Without the added confusion of duplicates, misspellings, and dodgy formatting, your data will become much less frustrating to work with. Giving you results that are free of errors - so your data can do what you intend of it, with minimal hassle.

2. You can make sure you have everything you need

In cleaner datasets, it is far easier to locate missing values. You can ask yourself whether the data includes everything you need, and double check that it all makes sense. By doing this before your next steps, you will save yourself a lot of back and forth!

3. Your data will be structured and easier to read

A uniform formatting and clear structure will provide a solid foundation for identifying patterns in your data. Finding these patterns is the key to forming your next groundbreaking strategy!


Cleaning your data

We’re here to help! We have a whole range of tools to help you perfect your spreadsheets and make the most of your data.

Visit our toolkit to see what you can do!

Not sure where to start? Check out our checklist of things to do before analysing your data here!

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