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How to easily clean and fix common errors and typos in Excel

Updated: Mar 5, 2021



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Have you ever struggled to quickly find and match common names in a spreadsheet?

Ever your found yourself having to manually edit company names or job titles?

Struggling to analyse data because there's too many variations of the same thing?

We've got you – Our easy tool is here to help you make the most of your data and free up your time!


What can we do with your data?

· Fix common typos and errors

· Group similar values

· Identify common company names from large lists

· Standard job titles or other company information


Why do you need to clean up data like this?

Create accurate data & analytics by preparing and improve the data quality before you analyse it. So, you can get the most accurate understanding of your data.

Create a clean master CRM database by standardising similar company names and job titles so you can work with clean and organised data. This makes sure you’re not missing anyone out.

Standardise survey responses by correcting all the common errors or variations in people’s answers. Don’t let spelling mistakes skew your data!


How can you do it?

In just two simple steps, you can have all of the data you need, exactly how you need it.

Gone are the days of hunching over your computed with hundreds of values to double check. All you need is an Excel or CSV spreadsheet. And, with our handy tool, you can grab a cuppa and a biscuit while we get to work…

So, how do you get started?


Step 1: Prepare your document

To see the best results from your clean-up, you’ll need to make sure your spreadsheet is readable. To do this, you can:

1) Make sure all your column titles are in the top row

2) Make sure all your data is in one sheet of the file (i.e., a master)

If your data is in multiple tabs or files, it's best to merge this first. Never fear - we have another helpful tool that can make your job 10x easier!

That was easy! Now, what’s next?


Step 2: Let us do the work

Just upload your spreadsheet onto our handy tool and it will automatically identify any common errors, typos or similar names/values - just like magic!

To really make the most of your data, make sure to only select what is necessary. Take a look at our handy guide to find out how:

It’s as simple and easy as that. Now, you have data that can be easily read by humans and computers alike!

Then, sit back and let us do the work!


Having problems? Check our our step-by-step video

Watch our helpful video to walk you through the process or drop message us via the chat!


Love from,

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