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Enabling SMBs to leverage the power of AI & automation

We are imagining a future of work with streamlined processes, enhanced agility & efficiency, tailored to business needs without the costs of custom development.

We work wherever you work
Humble for Sheets

A toolkit sitting at the crossroad between data, systems and operations.

Work with data in a flexible and familiar environment – connect, clean, enrich, transform, track and analyse with ease.

Automate your workflows and processes - generate Slides, auto-enrich leads, set digests and alerts, as simple as clicking a button.

No credit card required.

Humble for Web

No more hopping between tools and tabs – welcome contextual Mini-apps in your browser

Insights at your fingertips, without switching tabs, perfect for research, meeting preparation and due diligence.

Gives you a snapshot of all your related data, contacts and deals and allows you to easily scrape data from a site and sync data between LinkedIn and your CRM.

No credit card required.

Humble for Web.png
Humble Assistant

Custom train GPTs to leverage existing knowledge in your company

Your knowledge assistant that is always available, supports your team’s questions, and is an expert trained in the topics you need for work.

Personalised and tailored responses based on company information – secure and private, delivering answers you can trust, built to improve.

No credit card required.

Humble Assistant.png
We integrate with tools you love

Keep sales data up-to-date. No more manual data entry or hours of research.

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View Notion databases and update them seamlessly, without ever having to switch your tab.

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View your Airtable databases wherever you are, and transform the way you manage  data.

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