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Looking for ways to access and update your Notion databases effortlessly?

Humble has got you covered.


With our Notion integration, you can view, edit and manage your databases without ever having to switch your tab. Wave goodbye to constant app switching and say hello to enhanced productivity.

Humble for Web

Our Humble for Web browser extension is the gateway to streamlining your Notion activities. Need to add a new page or edit an existing one while browsing the web? No problem. With Humble, those capabilities are right at your fingertips.

Imagine conducting online research and having valuable information for your project right there next to you. With our seamless Notion integration, you can easily select the data and information from your Notion tables or databases that you want to see directly at the side of your browser. This means no more copying and pasting between tabs, no more disrupted workflow—just smooth, continuous productivity.

Key Features:

  • Add new pages to your Notion databases.

  • Edit existing pages to your Notion databases.

  • See information from your Notion databases.

Ready to give it a try?


For any queries or to schedule a one-on-one walkthrough, book a call with our team or send an email to


Your journey to simplified Notion management starts here with Humble.

Seamless management of Notion databases

Speak to our team to find out how to link your Notion workspace with Humble

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