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Features and How to Install Humble

If you are using HubSpot, then Humble is your new best friend. Introducing, Humble for Web where you can read your Deals and Contacts information when you are browsing prospects' website. Also, quickly add an interesting organisation or contacts from LinkedIn back to your CRM database!

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Deal Information

Pull up your 'Deal Summary' of a company you are browsing on! Deal size, stage, and close date. All the highlights you need instantly.

Contacts Information

See related contacts of a company that you are surfing on. Their name and e-mail address at your fingertip to start contacting!

Crunchbase Enrichment

In compliment to your CRM database, use Humble's free Crunchbase enrichment of companies to bring company description, no. of employees, founders and funding details to further qualify your prospects!

Create a Deal

Tired of creating deals on HubSpot? Or, don't you forget to create them sometimes? Say no more! Half of the job done, even from a LinkedIn page! 

Create a Contact

Adding contacts into your HubSpot is another piece of work, but don't you worry no more. Add contacts from any lead's LinkedIn profile page while you are on it!

Web Scraper

If there's a list of potential leads or key insights on the web, you grab it! With Humble's web scraper, it's super easy to build your 'Prospect List' and database. 

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Simple Steps to Get Started
Step 1. Install Humble for Web here.
Step 2. Navigate to any website and Humble sidebar will appear on the right hand side.
Step 3. 
Step 2. Add 'New Mini-App'
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Step 3. Connect to HubSpot
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Watch: How to Set Up Humble and see it in Action

Take advantage of Humble Integration with HubSpot

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