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Power Up Your Sales Productivity🤝

Close deals faster with Humble, your own AI sales assistant for work.

No credit card required.

Close deals 20% faster, with less effort, and complete confidence.
  • Effortless Customer Research & Qualification: Gather in-depth insights from websites with ease, enabling data-driven prospecting and informed decision-making.

  • Targeted Lead Generation: Build lead lists with our no-code web scraper for B2B events.

  • Enhanced CRM Accuracy: Effortlessly update your CRM with complete, accurate data, ensuring optimal analytics and performance tracking.

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Get visibility over the sales team activities and accelerate new rep ramp up time by 30%.
  • Unify your Sales Team: Eliminate data silos with a centralized platform. Reps can access and share insights seamlessly, fostering a knowledge-sharing environment.

  • Boost Sales Leadership Visibility: Gain real-time insights into your team's activity and pipeline health. Reduce friction to capture data. Use AI to coach reps more effectively, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales.

  • Shorten Onboarding Time: Make it easy for new team members to get up to speed quickly, minimizing training time and ensuring everyone follows best practices for data collection and management. This allows your team to focus on selling from day one.

Enable collaboration by unifying teams, insights & data across the company
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment: Gain a unified view of customer interactions (e.g., website visits, marketing touches) within your CRM. This empowers sales reps to personalize outreach and close deals faster.

  • Customer Success Handoff: Streamline customer onboarding and ensure consistent communication. Account updates and insights captured by Sales flow seamlessly to Customer Success, ensuring a smooth transition and happier clients.

  • Product Innovation: Capture valuable customer feedback from your sales team. This equips your product team with real-world insights to drive innovation and improve user experience.

"Using Humble was a huge time-saver for me as a founder. Humble streamlined the process of working with Notion tables - without having to keeping tabs open which slows down my browser or switching tabs, which distracts me from the task I was doing.  Now, I can create new entries, edit my data and add to lists in one click directly from a prospects website or Linkedin in seconds!"

Dima – Founder of Staxel & 
"1% Better" Founder Productivity Blog 


Boost your sales productivity today.

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