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Say Hello to Humble.
The AI assistant for work.

The suite of AI tools we're building empowers internal teams to work with enhanced agility & efficiency, streamlined processes, tailored to business needs without the costs of custom development.
Data-driven, predictive sales and business development strategy

✍️ Capture more leads and deals

Humble empowers you to easily view, edit and contribute to your CRM & databases through a single interface that tags along in your browser.

🕵️ Ease research and due diligence

📝 Streamline RfP processes and first-draft responses

🤓 Answer technical questions from customers in a beat

Engaged, delighted and promptly served customers

🗣️ Answer common customer questions anytime

Humble is always available, instilled with your knowledge and customer history – ready to support and enable your customers to get answers.

🚀 Address customer queries with accurate information

Consistent and personalised onboarding for new hires

🚀 Onboard new team members

Customise onboarding based on role or department and engage new team members quicker – while you keep an eye on their progress.

🙋🏼‍♀️ Provide comprehensive training material

💎 Point new hires to relevant resources

Outside the box strategies to engage audiences

🎯 Produce more targeted B2B outreach and content

Social posts, long-form blog articles or targeted outreach can be quickly iterated with Humble – giving you a space to spin up compelling content easily.

💯 Track and benchmark competitors

📈 Analyse research data and surface audience insights

Accelerate your career with AI
Discover what Humble can do for you

We integrate with the tools you ♥️

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