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How to easily prepare your data for analysis

Updated: Mar 9, 2021



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So, you’ve downloaded your data and it’s full of extra columns, empty rows, and duplicates...

Aside from just looking a mess, you’re finding it hard to navigate the data and use it to analyse the things you need to know.

Downloading data from Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Hubspot and other software can leave you with data that needs preparing before it is used.

We’ve got what you need – an easy-to-use tool that prepares your data for you in seconds!


What is data preparation?

Data preparation is the process of making sure your raw data is ready to be analysed. This can involve a number of tasks, including:

  • Removing extra spaces (trailing and leading spaces)

  • Removing consecutive spaces

  • Removing empty rows and/or columns

  • Removing duplicate rows


Why do you need to prepare your data?

Create accurate data & analytics by preparing the data before you analyse it. So, you can get the most accurate understanding of your data.


How can you do it?

It’s simple! All you need to do is download your data and drop it into our tool. Why not have a go with our test data first?

Now, let’s get started...


Step 1: Download your data

No matter where you’re downloading your data from, you need to make sure it is a CSV file (they’re just like a spreadsheet, but only computers can read them!).

If you have an Excel spreadsheet, you can save as > CSV UFT-8.

Excel on Apple devices

Excel on Windows devices


Step 2: Let us do the work

Now all that’s left to do is a simple upload to our tool.

Once it’s uploaded, we’ll do our magic, and in seconds you’ll have a clean, easy to analyse data set.

Voila! That was easy. Your data is now ready for its next steps...

Love from,

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