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How to save an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV UTF-8 file

For some of our tools, it’s necessary to save your Excel spreadsheets in a way that is easier for computers to read.

That’s where CSV files come in – rather than the usual rows and columns, a CSV file has plain text and lots of punctuation to help separate the values.

So, how do you download one?


How can you do it?

It’s simple! All you need to do is go to ‘save as’ and select CSV UTF-8.

Let’s break it down for different devices. . .


Excel on Apple devices

Excel on Windows devices

Voila! Your CSV file is downloaded and you’re ready for the next steps…


Next steps

Enrich with country data

Add extra information to your spreadsheet about countries, continents, and international dialing codes.

Enrich with company information

Boost your analytics with extra data about revenues, employee numbers, and company descriptions.

Gender prediction

Mass predict the gender of your mailing lists or internal employees with just their first names.

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