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Generate AI-powered excel reports in 1 click

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Ernst & Young

Clean up your data in seconds


Use the Data Cleanup Tool

  • to remove common errors

  • to group similar values.

  • to fix common typos.


Use the Auto-Analysis Tool
to get deep insights and complex analyses from your data in seconds.


Use more of our Tools
to enrich your data, gain more useful information and leverage your data.

We take care of all your data needs

Automatically generate human-like spreadsheets in seconds

We make your data ready for a computer to understand.

We understand the data for you, get high-level analyses.

We can help you organise your data into 1 large file.

We can't see any of your data, your files stay on your device

Simple and intuitive, you can take your files to the next level in just seconds.

Reduce the repetitive tasks so you can make meaningful progress.

Quick and simple to get started

CSV v2.png

Choose the tool you want and save your data as a CSV file.

Upload your files to The Humble AI.

Upload v2.png

Your data will be ready to download in seconds.

We make ethical AI for everyone

Work Smarter

No installation required. Try our Tools for free.

Private & Safe

We can't see your data. Everything stays on your device.

Code-free, Stress-free

Easy and simple for anyone and everyone to use.

See what our customers say

Tom Clark, CEO, Octue

Oh hell, this is so much better than editing CSV files by hand!

Lin L., Head of Marketing & BD, Slush

TheHumbleAI helped us automate and cleanup our speaker and attendee databases, analyse the marketing channels that work, and enrich our attendee data so we could better pitch

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