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Seniority Prediction from Job Title

Required Tool:

Type of Tool


Data Cleanup, Data Preparation


Data Management

What is this Tool?



Step 1: Headings in Top Row

Make sure all your data headings are named correctly and try to remove any empty columns or rows. This will help the AI read your data better and give you an overall improved analysis.

Step 2: Convert your file to CSV format

A CSV file is just a file that a computer can read. Don't know how to create a CSV file? Follow our easy step-by-step guide and you'll be using the Tools in no time!

Step 3: Use the Data Cleanup Tool First

This tool works best once you've put your data through the Data Cleanup Tool. This means that tiny errors in your data are removed, so our AI can accurately create insights for you. 

Step 4: Use the Data Preparation Tool

This Tool works best once you've also put your data through the Data Preparation Tool. So all your spreadsheets are together, and columns are in the right place ready for our AI to work its magic. 

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